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mai 8, 2017
During the 5th Prestige-MLS Congress, Florian Mas and Vincent Lecamus, the two founders of the site “Immobilier 2.0” spoke about the subject of client experience. An issue especially important due to its nature, Luxury Real Estate demands a customer experience that goes beyond the traditional dimensions. Real Estate is a sector in perpetual evolution, and professionals …
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avril 27, 2017
The Reason Why Collaboration is the Key for International Luxury Real Estate During their 5th annual congress, Prestige-MLS announced their partnership with ListGlobally, the leader in Real Estate ad multicasting at an international scale; a partnership with the objective of allowing Members to be even more efficient while developing in new geographic areas. In that …
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avril 3, 2017
Review of the 5th Annual Prestige MLS « Vision » Conference – Paris – December 2016 « Real estate tells the story of our lives, and prestigious real estate tells the story of exceptional lives. » These words, spoken at the 5th annual « Vision » conference of the Prestige-MLS network, are those of Jacques Bigand, President of Gercop Group and …
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