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avril 27, 2017
The Reason Why Collaboration is the Key for International Luxury Real Estate During their 5th annual congress, Prestige-MLS announced their partnership with ListGlobally, the leader in Real Estate ad multicasting at an international scale; a partnership with the objective of allowing Members to be even more efficient while developing in new geographic areas. In that …
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avril 3, 2017
Review of the 5th Annual Prestige MLS « Vision » Conference – Paris – December 2016 « Real estate tells the story of our lives, and prestigious real estate tells the story of exceptional lives. » These words, spoken at the 5th annual « Vision » conference of the Prestige-MLS network, are those of Jacques Bigand, President of Gercop Group and …
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mars 10, 2017
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The annual Congress of the Prestige MLS Luxury Real Estate network was held on Friday, December 16th, 2016. This year, was a time of change : Prestige MLS used this occasion to announce the main guidelines of its new positioning. To celebrate the event, the organizers selected the Palais de Tokyo, a renowned contemporary art …
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