janvier 12, 2015

ABN AMRO Private Banking: global strength, local know-how

Planning your own financial situation can be challenging. ABN AMRO Private Banking explains how they assist clients to facilitate and optimize their financial affairs.

We are an award-winning, leading European private bank with strong positions in Asia and we have been the trusted advisor of clients on their wealth management needs for over 350 years. ABN AMRO Private Banking offers a full range of banking, financial, estate planning, and investment services.

A move abroad often subjects your financial affairs to more than one country’s jurisdiction

World Citizen Services has been operating since 2005 as part of ABN AMRO Private Banking International. We represent ABN AMRO Private Banking in various key locations with a high density of clients and potential clients, namely in Belgium, Dubai, France, Germany, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Jersey, Netherlands, Spain and Singapore.

Dedicated exclusively to your needs, we provide local specialist advice and assist you throughout the purchase of a property, along with its tax/legal implications (a move abroad often subjects your financial affairs to more than one country’s jurisdiction) as well as other financial asset services such as wealth management and succession planning.

Our main aim is to assist clients all around the world and to provide them with the necessary local network and expertise tailored to their need and in their preferred language. Our World Citizen Services office is located in Valbonne (French Riviera).

Financial affairs include planning the next generation

Financial affairs include planning the next generation

To give you an idea of the services we provide and how you could benefit, below is an example of how ABN AMRO WCS works across borders:

At one of our recent events we came across a prospect, owner of a food company. The prospect wanted to finance an 8 million euro villa within three months. Through fast action and good cooperation with our colleagues in Luxembourg and France, we were able to provide him with the desired financing.

The new client was very pleased with the services we provided. Consequently, he wanted us to become his main private bank, thus he opened accounts with ABN AMRO Private Banking in different locations.

The prospect revealed that the company revenues passed through banks in Monaco and an offshore location. Following to the financial crisis, the client took a critical view towards banks. Consequently, ABN AMRO appealed to the client as we remain a stable bank and have a lot of experience with international payments.

Hence he opened corporate accounts in several jurisdictions close to his production units. Furthermore, the client shared with us that from a marketing perspective, the client benefits from the ABN AMRO brand as his customers can now transfer/receive to/from a renowned and reliable European bank. As a result, 90% of the company’s revenues now run through the ABN AMRO books. The ABN AMRO’s Internet Banking services for his corporate and private banking activities helped the total customer experience since his previous bank was not able to provide such a state-of-the-art solution.

With ABN AMRO – World Citizen Services, life moves in good company.

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