juin 16, 2015

Agence Varenne Sets Up Shop At The Heart of Paris’ Golden Triangle

Good news needs to be shared. It’s time for Agence Varenne to expand its presence in the Parisian real estate market according to the main rule Location, Location, Location.


Crossing the river is both a natural and major progression in the Agency’s development

Agence Varenne sets up shop at the heart of Paris’ Golden Triangle, a specific area in Paris area of Paris bounded by the Avenues des Champs-Élysées, George V, and Montaigne and branches out to the Right Bank.

By the opening of a new agency, Agence Varenne, Savills’ exclusive partner for residential real estate in Paris and Prestige MLS Member since 2010, boosts its presence on the luxury property market and broadens its accessibility to its international clientele.

Hugues de la Morandière, co-founder Agence Varenne

Hugues de la Morandière, co-founder Agence Varenne


“Paris’ whole identity is encapsulated in the two hemispheres of the Right and Left Banks, split as they are by the Seine. Crossing the river is both a natural and major progression in the Agency’s development” remarks Hugues de La Morandière, co-founder, Agence Varenne.


“We now wish to offer our clientele, equally international as it is French, an expertly curated selection of properties located in the Right Bank’s most beautiful neighbourhoods, and to offer our future clients the expertise and know-how that we have patiently acquired at the heart of the Left Bank.” continues Hugues.


About Agence Varenne

Active for the past 25 years in some of Paris’ most sought-after neighbourhoods, Agence Varenne is a point of reference in the capital’s luxury real estate market, combining expert advice and knowledge with the power of a global network with extensive reach.

Hugues de la Morandière and Agence Varenne team will be glad to welcome you at new shop in Paris, 14 avenue George V.


Agence Varenne Paris

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