avril 9, 2014

Business Trip To Los Angeles: Welcome to SoCal!

Following a successful business trip to Brazil, our team has put together a new business trip to allow our Members to discover another real estate market. Our next destination: Los Angeles! From June 22-25, 2014: welcome to SoCal!

Our business trip will take place from June 22 – 25, 2014, with three intense days of discovering, touring properties, and of course networking

Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice beach. Malibu beaches… Los Angeles, California, is an incredibly rich and diverse area in the United States. It is also very popular for its lifestyle. The SoCal good life, with one of the sunniest skies year-round in the US, beautiful bright sand beaches, a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, surely attracts many.

The LA real estate market offers tons of opportunities, with big homes selling like nowhere other.  In terms of property type, villas are definitely a must. And despite the close beaches, a good LA luxury home is expected to have a great swimming pool, if not an infinity pool. Architecture-wise, contemporary homes are common in the area, while celebrities have created many landmarks homes, sometimes with unique structure.

rodeo drive

Real estate is also very competitive in the city, with a number of realtors working to find and sell the best homes. Which is why it is critical to rely on a strong network to find the best realtors to collaborate with. Our business trip will take place from June 23-25, 2014, with three intense days of discovering, touring properties, and of course networking!

Our program will allow foreign Members to have dedicated moments with our American Members, directly in their headquarters. They will also be touring the best luxury homes in Los Angeles, listed by our Members in Los Angeles. And because our team takes pride in creating real business exchanges, our foreign Members will also have a moment to introduce their local markets, and investing opportunities to LA Members.

More information, photos, and a full report will be released at the aftermath of our business trip to Los Angeles!

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