mai 26, 2014

Prestige MLS CEO and Member To Attend Canada Real Estate Conference

Next June 19 in Montreal, Canada, a real estate event plans to give a few tips on how to sell properties to foreigners. As it is the core of our daily job at Prestige MLS, we had to be a part of it!

Prestige MLS is co-organizing a conference in Montreal on how to collaborate internationally in real estate

Canada is a large country, but real estate is very interesting. Since our head office is in France, we don’t get to visit our Canadian Member very often. Hence, the upcoming event in Montreal seemed like the perfect occasion to pay them a visit, while learning more about real estate.

The conferences will be held on June 19, 2014 at Le Cinq in Montreal. There are only 100 tickets so if you wanna attend, make sure to sign up fast on the official website!

5 Hands-On Conferences For Realtors

logo Immo SquareThe one-time event in Montreal, hosted by Prestige MLS partner Immo Square, is called “Quebec Real Estate: How to sell to foreigners?” (Immobilier Québec : comment vendre à des étrangers ?).

5 conferences are scheduled, including: “Foreign realtors in new developments”,” Collaborating internationally”, “World-posting”, “Financing a purchase for non-residents” and “Attracting and converting foreign investors”.

A Conference Co-Hosted By Our CEO

To follow our implementation in Canada, Prestige MLS is co-organizing a conference in Montreal on how to collaborate internationally in real estate. The conference will be hosted by our CEO, Jean-Laurent Lepeu.

The event will tackle the need of creating your network of international partners as a realtor. Likewise, Jean-Laurent will present the importance of creating international standards for collaborating in real estate.

An Event Co-Hosted By Our Member Via Capitale

The upcoming will also be the perfect spot to meet up with our Member in Canada, Via Capitale du Mont-Royal. Nathalie Clément, CEO at the French Canadian realty, will be starting off the event and presenting topics of the conferences.

Book your calendars for June 19 now and come join us in Montreal!

real estate conference Nathalie Clément Jean Laurent Lepeu

See the full schedule of conferences and subscribe on the official website.

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