juin 21, 2013

Our New Partner On The French Riviera: « RIVIERA, Prestige et Caractère »

The new magazine « RIVIERA, Prestige & Caractère » has just become our new print partner in the South of France. Discover their amazing issues with us now!

“The strategy of reinforcement of our signature goes through the extension of our Partners as well, and we think RIVIERA, Prestige & Caractère is a great fit for that”

As a global signature of luxury real estate agencies, it is important for us to have many different partners that can offer our Members a complete range of services. Especially for the critical task of communicating about luxury properties.

To complete our numerous alliances, including our partnership with Country Life International, we have recently partnered with “RIVIERA, Prestige & Caractère” magazine. We managed to obtain reduced prices for our Members in any issue, all for an extra-exposure.

“RIVIERA, Prestige & Caractère” is a recently-launched  magazine dedicated to rendering all the character of luxury properties on the French Riviera. Nothing but the best of the French Riviera luxury real estate.

logo RIVIERA Prestige & CaractèreThe importance of photos

Particularities of the new magazine: the place allowed for photos. “We acknowledge that, for the past, few years, photos have taken the lead in any media: social media, mobile, print”, explains Miryam Lamonaca, Marketing Manager at Prestige MLS. “At Prestige MLS, we think RIVIERA magazine is a great concept and it may be a great boost for our Members”.

An innovating distribution

Second feature of the magazine: a creative distribution. RIVIERA is mailed directly to pre-targeted households throughout France. About 10,000 copies are planned to go out every two months, meaning potential customers are reached directly. A very effective deliverysystem, allowing advertisers for a great penetration rate.

“We are certain this is a terrific opportunity for our Members to have a great communication on any of their luxury properties in the French Riviera”, Miryam continues. “The strategy of reinforcement of our signature goes through the extension of our Partners as well, and we think “RIVIERA, Prestige & Caractère” is a great fit for that”.

Intested in knowing more about our partnerships? Read more articles in the Partners news section of the Prestige MLS Blog!

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