janvier 20, 2014

Historical Properties In Rome: The Roman Way Of Life

With our new lifestyle search engine launched this month, you may now search for a luxury property depending on your favorite lifestyles! Discover the “historical” lifestyle with a presentation of historical properties in the beautiful Rome, by our two Members in the area Live in It and La Commerciale.

First, what do you think makes Rome such a unique desirable city?

La Commerciale: “Roma « Caput Mundi ». When the Latin poet Marco Anneo Lucano used this expression in his epic Latin poem entitled “Pharsalia”, he wanted to present Rome as the “capital of the new world”, and it wouldn’t only be a common saying, Rome was and is still today a really unique and unduplicable city worldwide. Even if you have lived there for many years, this marvelous city will surprise and excite you every day, revealing you oh so many suggestive but apparently hidden places.”

Live in It: “Now art should never try to be popular. The public should try to make itself artistic. In this aphorism, Oscar Wilde invites us to let art turn us into a better person.  For this reason in the past centuries Rome was, and still is, the favorite destination for educational journeys.”

historical home Rome

How is the real estate market for historical properties in Rome?

La Commerciale: Buying a house in the historical center of Rome represents the guarantee of living in a location that in the future will only grow even more unattainable. A historical and prestigious residence is also the opportunity to secure a precious piece of art, among frescoes or decorated ceilings.

Live in It: The real estate market in the Historical Centre is stable and the return on investments is safe. More and more people are looking to invest in Roman private houses, hotels or Bed and Breakfasts.  The number of properties for sale or for rent in the Historical Centre is limited, and the investors should adapt their wishes to the market.

historical property Rome

Any final recommendation on how to best experience the historical Rome?

La Commerciale: You will feel the excitement of living surrounded by history and a proposal to live in the past. You may experience all these feelings through living in your prestigious residence and also through walking in the streets, the squares and the alleys of the Eternal City. All of these things are only made possible in Rome.

Live in It: To those who would like to experience the Roman way of life (a mixture of art, quality food, and beautiful weather), I would suggest buying or renting a property they like without being defined by their expectations. Rome always rewards the interest of those who choose to live as the Romans do.

If you are interested in seeing more properties in this area, browse our luxury homes in Rome, Italy.

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