mai 9, 2014

ABN AMRO Becomes Prestige MLS Affiliate

We have a newcomer to our Affiliate Program, which brings together non-realtor real estate specialists. ABN AMRO, with its unique « World Citizen » department offers banking and international tax services. Discover what they can bring to your real estate project with Cedric Tassier!

1.      Now, can you tell us how exactly you can assist our Members in their business?

As you know, when buying a home, moving or living abroad you are exposed to legal and tax impacts within multiple country’s jurisdictions. To minimize the risks it is essential to assess the situation in order to optimize the impacts.

Our department has a proven expertise in key areas such as buying a home abroad, taxation, local laws, wealth management, International structuring and estate planning

I work for the ABN AMRO Private Banking office in France representing the international Private Banking network. More precisely our department (World Citizen Services) assists and guides our “World Citizen” customers. Within an international context, our experts could take the personal tax and legal obligation into account enabling them to offer to your client the finance and the investment solutions tailored to their needs.

Oriented to the needs of foreign customers, our department has a proven expertise in key areas such as buying a home abroad, taxation, local laws, wealth management, International structuring and estate planning.

international banking services ABN AMRO

2.      Which areas do you mostly serve? Can you help international clients as well?

Our World Citizen Services is the gateway to the ABN AMRO Private Banking offices. We could serve international clients (worldwide) thought especially our Luxembourg Private Banking branches.

However we are able to serve them thought the following country: Belgium, France, Germany, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Jersey, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore and Dubai.

Like Prestige MLS, the head office of World Citizen Services is in France on the French Riviera (Valbonne).

With a network of 53 subsidiaries in 23 countries, ABN AMRO’s strength lies in its knowledge of cross-border issues. Our 100,000 clients have already entrusted €168.3 billion of their assets to us.

international tax services ABN AMRO

3.      Estate planning advice is an important part of your services. Why would you say it is pivotal for realtors in our network to consult you?

Our excellent understanding of the tax international administration system and trickier aspects of cross border transactions make World Citizen Services a valuable service for realtors.

If you are a Prestige MLS member and you introduce your client to us you will have the opportunity to help your client to ensure that their property investment strategy is tailor-made for them and it’s structured as tax efficiently as possible.

With this exclusive add-value you will help your client for a long term relationship and they will work with you regarding all their future real estate projects.

Additionally, we guaranty for all Prestige MLS clients an exclusive welcome, a fast response and a strong follow-up.

Want to know more? Visit ABN AMRO, World Citizen, website here.

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