mars 26, 2014

First Architectural Expert, Rara Architecture, Joins Non-Realtor Affiliate Program

Our Affiliates Program, which opens our network to non-realtors, is expanding. We welcome Rara Architecture, an architectural expert located in Melbourne, Australia. Lesson of luxury real estate architecture by Wesley Spencer.

1. Hello, Mr Spencer. You are our first architecture expert in the Prestige MLS Affiliate program, open to non-realtor, real estate experts. How does that feel?

I feel like a shoe salesman in a country where no one wears shoes… It may be fantastic or embarrassing.

2. Now, can you tell us which services you offer, especially to Members (luxury realtors) of the Prestige MLS network?

A home is to live in – not to be an object in. It should also be a place where your movements feel organic, things flow easily and that every part of the home is a joy

Rara Architecture has extensive experience in high-end architectural design and project management. Rara is a versatile architectural practice with young and talented fresh minds that are eager to embark on any job that will allow the next opportunity to show off their talents:

- Presales – Rara can assist prospective buyers by guiding them through the endless possibilities a property can offer. This may be helpful in assisting a remote Prestige MLS Member in selling an Australian property.

- Post sales - Rara can carry out architectural design, interior design and project management services for the most fastidious buyer. We have clients who own multi-million dollar properties and still don’t like aspects of their homes – so we assist in rectifying these properties to the glamour that they deserve, while customizing them specifically to the client’s taste and lifestyle.

This is the reason Rara jumped at the opportunity to join the network as a Prestige MLS Affiliate© – to have the opportunity to work on the most exceptional projects and achieve exceptional outcomes.

3. On a personal level, which types of building attract you most? Are you more of a contemporary lover or a historic aficionado?

architect Wesley SpencerI think everything has its place. For example, I love French provincial buildings, but i would never live in one here in Australia – it’s displaced and inauthentic.

As an individual, I have a strong appreciation for architecture that has a sense of character and fun, like “art deco” and “art nouveau”, but most importantly, doesn’t compromise function.

4. Currently, what would you say are the three biggest trends in prime residential architecture lately?

Attention to detail – savvy purchasers are less impressed by the stainless steel kitchen appliances and more impressed by the detailed corners, and the minimalist handles…

Different spaces – 10 years ago, large open plan living spaces were popular, now, people are realizing this doesn’t suit a household. Families want separate rooms where different activities can take place. I like to add that each of these spaces has a different character, it’s more stimulating.

Latest technology – clients want smarter homes, and homes they know will be functional in at least 10 years as global technology continues to advance.

5. One more for the road! What do you think is the key to creating the perfect building?

Function! A home is to live in – not to be an object in. It should also be a place where your movements feel organic, things flow easily and that every part of the home is a joy. This flow can be disrupted in something as minor as a cold bathroom or an awkward path of travel from the garage to the kitchen.

Interested in knowing more? Email Wesley at  on Prestige MLS.

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