octobre 13, 2014

Luxury Real Estate in Netherlands: your referent is Moulin International

Business in the luxury real estate field is not played by ear: you need experience, method, honesty and an open-minded approach. For this,  we are very glad to introduce Moulin International Exceptional Properties, first Prestige MLS Member based in Netherlands, which meets all quality requirements.

Moulin International Exceptional Properties is a Netherlands-based and internationally (Europe/US) operating Real Estate Company.

It is impossible to have every object that a client could ask for on one’s books but on the other hand, nobody wishes to disappoint the client.

 Moulin (the windmill) represents worldwide, a typically Dutch symbol as an outstanding landmark braving the elements, protecting the land from flooding, sawing wood for building and grinding wheat grain to flour for nutrition.

It embodied an indispensible tool of progress in recent history and in its contemporary appearance, it supplies newly found energy .

“Moulin” in French, because Moulin International’s foundation was laid in France in 1979, explains Loet (Louis for french friends) Donkers, General Manager at Moulin International.

Moulin International’s team comprises Dutch-, French-, Russian- and Chinese (assistant-) brokers and staff, working from the offices in The Hague .

The number of countries and regions where Moulin operates is limited to the Netherlands, France, Ibiza (Spain) and Florida (US). This permits the thorough knowledge of these markets that our clients count on.

Moulin International Exceptional PropertiesMoulin’s local expert partners are licensed and have been, without exception, in the trade (locally) for at least 15 years. Their guidance makes the choice, purchase and possession of property, a truly relaxed and pleasant experience for the client.

Moulin’s potential purchasers originate mostly from The Netherlands, Great Britain, East Asia, the Baltic States and Russia.

Prospects in general and Chinese buyers in particular, often demand commercial property like hotels, restaurants and wine producing estates, which Moulin emphasizes in particular on the Island of Ibiza, the French Riviera as well as the Bordeaux- and Bourgogne regions.

Moulin International has joined Prestige MLS because the two are complementary.

Talking of Prestige MLS, why have you decided to join?

The pursuit of ethics and correct conduct in the business, in combination with true expertise and passion for quality, beauty and fineness make, that Moulin International finds her like-minded in Prestige MLS and its members.

In general, collaboration between real estate agents is often avoided because of mistrust or the disappointment by small commissions. Collaboration in the field of Luxury Real Estate is definitely a welcome tool for all.

Louis Donkers - Moulin International

Louis Donkers, General Manager

It is impossible to have every object that a client could ask for on one’s books but on the other hand, nobody wishes to disappoint the client.

What is your vision of collaborating in luxury real estate?

When collaborating with a Prestige MLS member, the questions of trust and product-quality are already answered, which reduces risks and time loss.

It is a securing thought to consult with a like-minded and experienced colleague rather than a stranger.

For all these reasons, the Management and staff of Moulin International are very happy to have joined Prestige MLS.


Discover here the exceptional portfolio listed by Moulin International



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