juillet 8, 2013

A look back at the Marrakesh Luxury Property Show in Morocco

Our team participated to the first “Marrakech Luxury Property Show” on June 21-22. The occasion for us to discover a luxury real estate market full of promises. Be ready, we are taking you to some gorgeous Arabian oases!

Our team has attended many events, from Beijing to London, yet what we discovered at the “Marrakech Luxury Property Show” is pretty magical, and highly ambitious

The face of real estate changes constantly. What was selling yesterday is considered out-of-date today, what was barely famous the day before yesterday is now the “it market” for investors, and what is outdated today will probably be back on top tomorrow.

In this context, Prestige MLS likes to feel the pulse of the industry, the vein where the blood rushes to and helps the muscle develop to a bigger extent.

Our team has attended many events, including the London Luxury Property Show last October, yet what we discovered at the “Marrakech Luxury Property Show” is pretty magical, and highly ambitious. The MLPShow took place in Palace Es Saadi, Marrakesh, last June 21-22.

Oasis, you said oasis?

The MLPShow was set in the Palace Es Saadi, in the center of Marrakesh. It is a beautiful resort, with a typically Moroccan architecture. The MLPShow also hosted the MLPS Golf Trophy at the Palmeraie. Finally, the pre-show cocktail achieved to make us, and our accompanying Member Thilo Börner, feel like kings.

Visit our photo galleria of the MLPShow on Flickr to see more dreamy pictures.

oasis morocco

Ambitious luxury real estate projects in Morocco

Despite the idyllic setting, the main purpose of our trip was to discover luxury real estate projects. And surely enough, we have not been disappointed.  Eyes wide open, we have been presented with several projects in Morocco. They all demonstrated a tremendous ambitious, with project “Domaine Royal Palm” on top of the list.

This titanic project plans on building up a whole domain of villas in the desert around Marrakesh. Relying on an innovative water system, sand is already turning into fertile land. And no, this is not a mirage.

luxury real estate morocco

Strengthening ties

The MLPShow allowed us to reinforce ties, through networking during and outside of the show. As official Networking Partner of the event, we got closer to the organizer of the event, IEC International. Our accompanying Member Thilo Börner from Vienna also enjoyed the show. The conferences and exhibition hall allowed us to make plenty of contacts.

All in all, the Marrakech Luxury Property Show has been a great event!

marrakesh luxury property show morocco

Visit our Blog often as we have more news coming up about this event! Thank you again Thilo Börner, from Boerner, for attending the MLPShow.

Looking to invest in the country? Discover luxury properties in Morocco listed by our Members.

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