février 11, 2013

Prestige MLS Welcomes First Agency in Andorra, Alpina Immobiliària Transaccions

We are happy to greet our first Member in the Principality of Andorra, Alpina Immobiliària Transaccions. For the least acquainted with Andorra, it is a micro-state located between France and Spain! Manager Jean-Pierre Dupuis introduces his agency and the Real Estate Market of Andorra for us.

Our new economic model [in Andorra], based on the liberalization of foreign investments, provides a wide range of strategic opportunities

Six years ago, Jean-Pierre DUPUIS bought a company, in the Principality of Andorra called EFG SL and specialized in investors’ management, supporting them in all their legal and fiscal approaches.

We’ll be your confidential consultant when you set up in our nice and sunny country …you’ll quickly love it for its « relaxed » taxes, even for residents without a gainful activity!

Strategically located between France and Spain, Andorra has historically based its great economic prosperity on a competitive model and the capacity to act as an offshore financial center. Our new economic model, based on the liberalization of foreign investments, provides a wide range of strategic opportunities.

Our mission at Alpina spreads out on 2 phases: reselling and settling in Andorra. First, we help our client sell their property, either in France where I have been working for 30 years with a focus on the Real Estate Market, or in Europe, evidencing therefore the important of the Prestige MLS Network. The second phase is to assist our client in the purchase of a nice Châlet or Attic with terrace in Andorra. We are at our client’s disposal in this tiny country of 468 km² (of which only 8% is built up or cultivated), with its seven peaks of almost 3.000m, in seven valleys with seven lakes and parishes! Here, information is the key to finding the best home.

Alpina Immobiliària Transaccions logoOn the French market, we have an emphasis on very high-end properties, including Castles, Mansions, Vineyards, Hunting Territory or Charming Hotels in the south of France. For examples we list properties such as: an authentic XIXth century family home close to Genève, an extraordinary neo-gothic castle near Lyon or an exceptional Château in Médoc with a 50ha vineyards.

And if I don’t have a specific Wish … I can search for your Dream!!!

That is also the reason why I gladly joined Prestige MLS Business Club, to develop a philosophy that is important to me: sharing. I have a partner and I’m reassured when she gets to know clients, properties and markets: each one of us is working with his own competence. Hopefully you’ll be the next one…

Discover all the luxury properties listed by  Alpina on the Prestige MLS wesite.

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