avril 28, 2014

Whisper Listings Collection Of Luxury Properties Launched at Prestige MLS

With the launch of our new « off market » collection, gain access to Ali Baba’s cave of luxury real estate. These hidden gems still need to be discovered. Are you ready to handle it?

The new « Prestige MLS Off market Collection » gives you access to the hottest, hidden properties on the market!

Have you ever heard of off-market properties, pocket listings or whisper listings? It is a marketing technique that presents properties in a way that is completely private and anonymous, to the point where there is no public communication about the listings.

Realtors present such listings to a lucky few selected of their clients, and often, properties are sold without anyone even knowing they went for sale.

Would you like to be one of these lucky few? At Prestige MLS, we have created the new « Prestige MLS Off Market Collection » that gives you access to the hottest, hidden properties on the market.

How do I gain access to the best hidden luxury homes?

In our website, we have created the “Off-market” section in the “Properties” menu. Here you will find the exclusive benefits of off market properties. Please note that you may request more information on our whisper listings, and you may also ask for our Members to list your property as off market!

In our new “Prestige MLS Off Market Collection”, you will find a short list of all of our hidden properties. Of course, you can only see the country, city, surface and price of our private collection.

If you’d like to know more and see some of our off market properties, you will need to message our Members directly. After a thorough screening, our Members will decide whether you can access these hidden gems or not.

Are you ready to be part of the elite of luxury real estate? See our collection of off market properties here.

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