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Coldwell Banker Bodini Barbera Intern. Real Estate

Coldwell Banker’s history begins in 1906, San Francisco (California) with Colbert Coldwell who founded a company based on the proposal of honesty, professionalism and customer care in order to discourage the phenomenon of real estate "profiteering" which spread in San Francisco, devastated by the earthquake.

The high values of Colbert Coldwell were shared by the principles of Benjamin Arthur Banker and in 1914 the co-founders gave birth to the Coldwell Banker brand. In 1933 the innovative insights of a young entrepreneur Henderson Talbot revolutionized the marketing system for luxury real estate, founding the Previews program, which created short films for the promotion of real estate. Today, Coldwell Banker is present in 43 countries with more than 3,000 offices and in real estate field is one of the most important international groups in the world with a leading position. 

The transaction, for prestigious properties, are managed by professionals selected and certified by "Coldwell Banker Previews International" which assist the high-standing customers and treat the most prestigious properties in the world.

Coldwell Banker, arrived in the Italian market in 2009. In 2012 Valentina Bodini, CEO of Immobiliare Gruppo Futura Srl, a company operating throughout the country and mainly in Rome and Province, has chosen Coldwell Banker to boost quality and professionalism already present in their agency. The organization of Immobiliare Gruppo Futura Srl is structured with modern criteria, able to face the new needs of real estate market.

In order to ensure the best attention to the customer interests, Immobiliare Gruppo Futura Srl in the first place targets at the agent specialization and invests on the promotion of real estate aiming at high quality profiles:

- Implementation of professional photo books; -Production of advertising material (flyers, brochures, postcards);

- Print advertising and web on the most important newspapers and major Italian and foreign portals;

- Selected external portals dedicated to luxury real estate;

- Marketing for specific properties previews;

- Home staging (staging professional properties for sale);

- Open house.

The agents' activities are supported by professionals in various fields such as legal, notary, tax and technical planning. The organizational structure and market strategies have enabled Coldwell Banker Immobiliare Gruppo Futura Srl to be rewarded for Italy as "NUMBER ONE INTERNATIONAL MASTER FRANCHISE OFFICE 2014". The Company is the main sponsor of the Centro Studi Vittorio Bodini and the Premio Letterario Vittorio Bodini.

Coldwell Banker Bodini Barbera Intern. Real Estate
Via Panama 16
Rome, Italy


Valentina Bodini
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